Sketchbook notes from the drifting spaces

Drawing and walking through the cityscape

In the last week I’ve been wondering around the urbanscape continuing and trying to develop my recent series of more free drawings. The Sketchbook Monster is on the loose. The semi forgotten and overlooked, overgrown spots with the combination of the tattered British infrastructure dynamics, weeds, foliage and graffiti provide an excellent outdoor workspace. Quite a few of the sketches are around the motorway, plus today I was on the south side of the Clyde River in Glasgow experimenting with the pens again. Shopping centres, car parks and industrial areas (or a combination of all ideally) are also interesting with lines, lights, curves and various materials glinting under the sky.

The drawing below is an older piece showing the development from a more literal way of working I guess. This was also building up the work more with inks.

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