Exhibition in Japan

Blair participated in the ART/X/TOYAMA international exhibition in Japan in May 2022. ART/X/TOYAMA is a contemporary public exhibition showing artworks from Japanese and international invited artists, and has been held every four years. Blair exhibited a series of twelve photographs as well as two abstract paintings.

ART/X/TOYAMA website

Transparent Fragmentary Nos 1 2 5 6 7 12
Name:Blair Shogen Thomson
Time creatively
since graduation, Glasgow School of Art 2002
Media +
Shodo calligraphy, Zen teaching and practice, Shakyo Sutra copying, Tenkoku stampmaking, drawing, painting, photography, workshops
行書 Gyousho shodo calligraphy

Zazen practice:

at peace
within the heart
the clear moon
even the smashing waves
reflecting light

(Waka by Master Dogen, trans. Shogen)

wholeness dispersed No. 1

temporal voids
of cerulean blue –
ice holes, pulsating –
falling apart rapidly