Waves breaking through light – Kusen collaboration

John Fraser’s Kusen Master Dogen’s poem ‘Zazen Practice’: The moon mirroredBy a mind freeOf all distractions;Even the waves, breaking,Are reflecting its light We have a primitive idea what a symbol is. Usually, we think it’s like a code. So, in this case, ‘Moon’ will mean ‘Enlightenment’, or ‘Buddha Mind’, something like that. But a symbol […]

Evolving photography works

Working with nature, plus my own ‘sculptural’ props and my trusty old nikon dslr, and recent smaller digital camera, I’ve been going on to develop various series of photographs and c-prints. The two images I’ve selected here are from work on the Scottish Hebrides. These series have gradually become more abstracted and playful with colour […]

Hovering on above Caithness (Northern Scotland – Orkney)

arctic skuas, guillemots and black backs, probing – swaying – with low and high motion intersplicing retrieving coordinates – rangag, ruard glas mheall liath, coir a’ghiubhsachain skaill, point of hellia splitting through eastern sutherland hovering above caithness, plunging into clear green depths shining, from waters to coconut fragrance melting yellows, beyond into wide moors – […]