Season’s Greetings ❄☃

Hope you are keeping cosy and wishing you a peaceful and relaxing Christmas and New Year holiday ❄️ Here is my Season’s Greetings card, an an abstracted view (actually a few viewpoints brought together in one piece) made in the Dundee University Botanical Gardens using pens, ink and pencil on calligraphy board.

Season's Greetings - Blair Thomson

This artwork, as well as two other pieces, were recently exhibited in the Green Gallery at the Botanics, alongside seven wonderful artists whom I was delighted to work with, taking the mindset of Japanese Renga poetry as a starting point for creative collaboration based on the being at the gardens, including my friend Margaret Kerr who kindly organised the residency and exhibition.

Please see my blogpost below for images of the show and more info.

With palms together and kind wishes for 2024, Year of the Dragon 🐉


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