In 2016 Blair began a series of free community art classes in the north, west and east of Glasgow, helping young people, adults and those disadvantaged in some way to get creative and have fun with artwork, providing free materials and plenty of guidance and enthusiasm to help build up skills and confidence.

Click below to view Blair’s community groups in action and the fantastic artwork of the participants.

Try out some fun and relaxing activities – Creative Time – to encourage you to have some creative enjoyment and stay in touch!

Youth and Adult Art Groups

The ‘Sketchbook Adventure’ groups for Winter 2016/17 in Ruchill and The Maryhill Hub gave sketchbooks and materials to young people and adults and experimented with collage, drawing, doodling, figure drawing, and working from imagination. Since then we have worked on joint group work, such as at G15 Youth group in Drumchapel and with adults at The Maryhill Hub, which is a super way to help folk work together and free up creatively and with their own mark making.

Literacy, Creative Writing and Art

'Future' Aye Write! Festival 2017

From January to March 2017 we worked with Two Hours Limited and Glasgow Life (part of Glasgow City Council) on an experimental publication ‘Future’ combining art and literacy as part of their theme ‘Learning for the Future’ for the Aye Write! Book Festival. In this project we helped bring together writing and drawings from adult learners across Glasgow, breaking down the boundaries between literacy and art and encouraging participants to use different ways of expressing themselves.

'Future' Aye Write! Festival 2017
'Future' Aye Write! Festival 2017
'Future' Aye Write! Festival 2017
'Future' Aye Write! Festival 2017 preparation

Working with Charities, Organisations and Community Groups

We have worked with Charities and other bodies and companies, such as North United Communities, G15 Youth Group, Two Hours Limited and Glasgow Life, Parkhead Artist in Residence, often in local community centres.

Wellbeing and Creative Groups –

We will run your event and workshops such as in schools and community groups

The D+P Studio run wellbeing, creative and art sessions and workshops for any age groups in Glasgow and the wider area, for primary and secondary schools, care homes as well as alongside charitable and community organisations. Would you be interested in a creative wellbeing sessions that are fun, relaxing and nurture the personal development and expression of your group? We also engage with individuals on a one to one basis.

The arts are inspiring, joyful and enchanting – for everyone – they encouraging many health and community benefits, having fun and bringing people together. Our focus is always on the groups and individuals we work with to creatively express themselves, increase confidence and participate regardless of their ability or whether they have any experience.

Please contact us to ask about a creative bespoke project.

In the last fifteen years we have worked with individuals as well as different agencies such as:

* schools for instance Hamilton College and Largs Academy
* Glasgow City Council
* community centres
* mindfulness and meditation groups
* groups with learning difficulty and disability
* registered charities such as North United Communities, Community Safety Glasgow and G15 Youth Project

We have enthusiastically created bespoke projects for the above, here are some examples of recent and current projects and methods:

* relaxing drawing and colouring, such as line and geometric shapes with paint pens
* urban art, graffiti and mural work
* Eastern calligraphy
* markmaking with paints and mixed media
* mindful attention to the moment and simple accessible meditation techniques
* creative poetry and writing, that can also be combined with drawing
* outdoor environmental art workshops such as land art, den building, from design to making
* craft work, 3D work and sculpture, such as using clay or card
* photography and short films
* joint group artworks, such as imaginative landscapes and creatures using pens and handmade stick-pens to dip in ink
* Publication of collaborative art book ‘Future’ – creative writing, art and design

Happy Artists – Testimonials


Like the acrylics. Confident to have a go. Try new ways of looking and conceptualising.

Martin – Community art group

I enjoyed colouring in the picture of Australia and using the paint pens that came from Japan.

William – Art + Design + Creative Writing

I enjoyed everything. Especially colouring and writing. The paint pens were bright and fantastic. I feel more confident and proud of my work after these art sessions.

Mark – Art + Design + Creative Writing

I have enjoying everything! With Blair I drew a pool table and a ninja warrior in UK. Quality colouring pens. I feel better about my artwork and would like to share it with other people.

Pamela – Art + Design + Creative Writing

The big artwork we did together was fun. The brushes were nice to use.

Emma Jane – Art + Design + Creative Writing

I enjoyed doing the large ink piece because we were able to draw our own concepts for the piece. I enjoyed using the ink. The group made me feel more confident to use different materials while drawing or doing art.

Ross – Community art group