Into the Atlantic Ocean to Oban and Colonsay on the Waverley

At the end of last week I sailed on the famous Waverley for the first time, the last ocean going paddle steamer, with my pal Bruce Peter, writer and maritime expert, who showed me the ropes and the etiquette – namely enjoy! Was a great trip, starting early and slowly with a few cuppas as […]

Drawing and walking through the cityscape

In the last week I’ve been wondering around the urbanscape continuing and trying to develop my recent series of more free drawings. The Sketchbook Monster is on the loose. The semi forgotten and overlooked, overgrown spots with the combination of the tattered British infrastructure dynamics, weeds, foliage and graffiti provide an excellent outdoor workspace. Quite […]

Depth of Reflection – notes on David Lynch and Dogen

I made this small visual note after running along the Firth and Forth Canal, the reflections can be so deep, somehow reality is deepened. The space is literally deeper, becoming set further away, almost elusively in another time… …colour and shape so dense, tinged with toned down silvers, greens – the poignant reality untouchable yet […]