Ozumo Update Tokyo Basho. 5 days to go – who will win?

It has been an eventful tournament so far and the sumo in the last few days has been riveting stuff! Very unusually, Yokozuna Hakuho has been having an unfortunate time, losing four matches whereas Ozeki Kisenosato has been doing great, with nine wins and one lost. He won today against the Bulgarian Ozeki, Kotooshu (usually the popular yoghurt maker Burugaria Yogaruto!). Last time they met, Kotooshu won. So hopefully Hakuho won’t become Kuroboshi (black star, for a loss) and head towards being makekoshi which might jeopardise his career – the top level Yokozuna retire when they weaken. There are quite a few other wrestlers who could move ahead so will see what happens. The sketch is trying to work out how many Kisenosato has to win now to take his first tournament – three more I reckon. Ganbattene!


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