I’ve been busy working away on various art projects for this show, which I’m greatly looking forward to. I am grateful to be invited to make new work for this my first show in the buzzing heart of Japan that is Tokyo. Ometesando and Shibuya area are dynamic parts of town which will be inspiring to work with in themselves. The gallery is in the lively Omotesando Hills development and is a modern, simple yet sleek designed space with large windows that focuses on art and design. Preparation is also underway from the organisers on the Japan side and I’ll be keeping you updated here and on the Exhibitions page.

In the last year or so I’ve been having fun with photography and installation as well as much looser abstract drawings and ‘free-form’ paintings not tied down to particular media, and more spontaneous, often non studio based pieces… So the plan is to continue these projects for this show, plus any other ideas that come up! Recently sound and moving images are coming in to my practice too so it is an exciting time, and the show is a chance to bring many of these elements and way of seeing and working with reality together, and communicate with the viewers in this busy, artistic area. The majority of the sites/waymarks I’m working from are Scotland based so I’m hoping this will be quite an interesting contrast for folk in the skyscraper metropolis.

I’ll be getting organised (at some point in the not tooo distant future) with transport and logistical preparations and thinking about presentation and technology to make everything work. If you are interested in supporting some of the costs involved in this show it would be a great help. It is fun just now working on the various creative intertwining strands and it will be good to really push these forward and work hard in the next months. Will keep you posted!