Harumafuji becomes new Yokozuna

In my spare time in the last weeks I’ve enjoyed watching a lot of open skies and cloudscapes above the distant hills, plus the visual spectacle and ritual Ozumo September basho in Tokyo! Mongolian Ozeki Harumafuji gets a promotion after winning all fifteen matches, becoming the third Mongolian Yokozuna in a row, after the Hawaiians […]

Exciting final day Sumo matches

The 2012 Natsu Basho (summer tournament) was thrilling to the last day, with an extra match needed – Yushoketesen – to decide the winner. Kyokutenhou, the 37 year old veteran from Mongolia (in fact the first Mongolian sumo wrestler), became the oldest ever Osumosan to win a tournament when he won against Tochiouzan today. The […]