Bruce Peter’s Grand Ferry Tour of Japan

My good friend Bruce Peter (academic at Glasgow School of Art and design and maritime journalist) is recently returned to Scotland after three weeks of travel in Japan, sailing on 31 ferries and other ships (even the typhoon couldn’t dent his packed schedule), and taking some cracking photos in the process. He has started to update his blog with lots and lots of these which I recommend browsing at your leisure! Very enjoyable to see the country from a different perspective.

Look out for Bruce’s attention to detail in documenting the quirky, bizarre side of the very visual signage and design, plus of course the gourmet shots… Being into other modes of transport and anything to do with modernism heading into post-modernism there are also images of architecture and some of my favourite shinkansen.

Please follow this link to Bruce’s blog.


New book by Bruce Peter and Tsuyoshi Ishiyama

Reminds me of my sketching trip taking the ferry from Matsuyama in Shikoku to Beppu, Kyushu. Here are a couple of shots from that trip including the delicious cuisine of southern Shikoku!

Ferry Shikoku Japan
Ferry Shikoku Japan
Katsurahama breakfast


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