Abernethy Part 3 – Cairngorm mountain at night

The final Abernethy post – a speedy drawing trip up Cairn Gorm munro at midnight, looking out into the deep blue midsummer twilight sky and hill shapes. There were some good stories and laughs on this outing! The music in the driving clip we were listening to was the Billy Bragg & Wilco album “Mermaid Avenue” (and at the bothy a few folk liked the meditative electronic Susumu Yokota album “The Boy and the Tree”). Below is a five minute on the spot drawing with oil pastels of everyone sketching, huddled up in the night chill.. also a couple of sketchbook marker studies of the excellent camper vans (this one is the ford transit variety) that park up there near the ski lifts.

Abernethy art trip sketch
Abernethy art trip sketch
Abernethy art trip sketch
Billy Bragg & Wilco
“Mermaid Avenue”
Susumu Yokota
“The Boy and the Tree”


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