Vista painting and punky rocks at Traprain Law

It was peaceful working with artist Margaret Kerr (please have a look at her beautiful and mesmerizing work: @megkerr245 on Instagram) in East Lothian – Margaret kindly invited me over to collaborate, she been practicing a deep creative exploration of Traprain Law and its environment and past. The atmosphere, open spaces and vistas as well […]

Hovering on above Caithness (Northern Scotland – Orkney)

arctic skuas, guillemots and black backs, probing – swaying – with low and high motion intersplicing retrieving coordinates – rangag, ruard glas mheall liath, coir a’ghiubhsachain skaill, point of hellia splitting through eastern sutherland hovering above caithness, plunging into clear green depths shining, from waters to coconut fragrance melting yellows, beyond into wide moors – […]