Working on new city themed artist’s film

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Journey to Nowhere

In the last couple of weeks, or certainly since the last heavier snows, I’ve been putting together a strange new film piece taking in lots of city and infrastructure footage, mostly gathered in and around Tokyo, but also some from the UK. The previous artist film works I showed at the Omotesando exhibition last year were working with more landscapey man made ideas with sculptural motifs too, so has been quite interesting to develop a darker, slightly surreal take on city life with more figures coming in, and just a wee touch of sci-fi dystopia hopefully to boot. I’m aiming to edit down to around 30 mins but still a long, long way to go! Making plenty of notes too and have been reading some excellent Soto Zen writing by Shohaku Okumura which has been very helpful generally and has ended up triggering some ideas too for this. Chapter one has developed into a bit of a slow building up of momentum, Journey to Nowhere, and the next one I’ll be working on is a sort of vision of Tokyo, a dematerialising phantom world view…

Snowy notes, thinking spaces
Snowy notes, thinking spaces


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