Artist Book – ‘Grey Torn Alloy and Other Exerpts’

Have been pretty busy with exhibition prep not to mention an artist book I started to develop a wee while ago and had to get really stuck in to get it finished. This is the first time to self publish and has opened up plenty of new creative possibilities and the process of investigating bindings and types of paper, layout and so on, has been a fun challenge.

It is a 30 page book with a focus on photography, sculpture, video stills and several poems as well as some drawings, paintings and prints – really a kind of overview of my work in the last year or two. My friend John Fraser has written a couple of excellent poetic responses for it also, connecting to my video works ‘Grey Torn Alloy’ and ‘Backwards and Forwards’. Most of my poetry here is haiku-ish, in sets of three lines…
crumbling thin brown steel
straight and low, under the horizon
cutting space


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