Stills from film work Directionless, and from Journey to Nowhere and related drawings

New film beginnings – Directionless

Directionless 1 (

I’ve been continuing the themes of the Journey to Nowhere series with a second film, called Directionless at the moment, which I have started editing, adjusting clips, cropping, trying out combinations and planning ‘scenes’, though like the previous film there is no clear plot from a to b, nor dialogue at the present. Detached from land, finding a home only temporarily, leaving again… with hopefully mysterious situations, this film will be more experimental than the last. A lot of the footage is quite low tech which I like, and leaves open possibilities for sound. So far I have a fair amount of drawings that I have worked on specifically to bring in, plus footage of structures. Finding fragments, pulling together.

Directionless 3 (

Directionless 2 (

Images from film work from Journey to Nowhere and related drawings


Starting with some brief footage taken in Tokyo, this city- atmosphere- time based project has been growing to take in new media and themes. There are drawings too, which I’d like to expand upon and take into mixed media as well. I edited down the film from three to two chapters (it was about 30 mins), which are contrasting tonally and in terms of the type of city spaces, and think it is working fairly well at the moment. It flows quite well, while being pretty intense and strange at points, devoid of figures early on and the opposite later…. These are stills I put together for one of the Sketchbook Notes blogposts.





While working on the cityscape film I’ve also been looking for connections with abstraction. The Journey to Nowhere colours and Tokyo background of concrete, diffused structures of metal and glass move into fairly varied drawing and painting compositions to take forward…

shikishi skytree


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