Kusen collaboration project with John Fraser

I am privileged to be working with my friend John Fraser on this project since December 2013. John’s Kusen is part of his zen practice and teaching at Glasgow Zen Group, and I have been helping collate these. They are often poetic, sometimes discuss Dogen Zenji or ideas of emptiness or particular koan stories, and […]

Haiku and Art Book Project + other written projects

I’ve been working on developing a book which includes making poetry translations of Haiku, Waka and other styles and looking for connections to various fields, including art, music and some philosophy. This is still at a fairly early stage as I’ve started totally rewriting the draft, which comes from the original long essay I wrote […]

Stills from film work Directionless, and from Journey to Nowhere and related drawings

New film beginnings – Directionless I’ve been continuing the themes of the Journey to Nowhere series with a second film, called Directionless at the moment, which I have started editing, adjusting clips, cropping, trying out combinations and planning ‘scenes’, though like the previous film there is no clear plot from a to b, nor dialogue […]

Walking and Drawing

snowflakesdancing aroundin the sun light finishedno more haikujust footstep after footstep