Tracks, trails, omens

snow track

Has been a long winter in Scotland and have been out through various trails. Wandering through these half forgotten, foggy forestry roads in the hills. Spider webs and open voids, condensed silence shattered by heavy wingbeats. Have been thinking more about Matsuo Basho, and Ryokan’s roaming too and mountain living.

dreams lost in the grasses, fleeting glimpses

subtle snow smell, looking up and looking outwards

tree closewebs
tree fog 1tree fog 2
tree fog 3tree fog 4

Ryokan’s twilight climbs, life stirred up in the piles of old leaves, playful signs

Thinking about contrasting essences, empty-full, muddy-untainted, speed-slow, darkness-light

skull bridge

over the winter river
an eagle gives me a sharp glare
from the mountain ridge

translation of Ryokan haiku


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