High Bridges – Walking Drawing Tokyo West from Naka Meguro

along suspended riverblocked by oncoming vertical flyovernanamemeeting high polished walls isolating the residential worldfloating gardens flowing into alloy platforms intertwined shafts, containers hummingneutral perimetersemerging and reshaping the ground and drawing out energy lines overlapping populous spacessuffusedabove a tandem rotor flying heavilyleaden quick descent and dark blue chill moving onundulating and avoiding trafficsoon underground in quiet […]

Exhibiting Urban Dynamics at Factory Hanbunko, Takaoka

This month I exhibited at the excellent Factory Hanbunko gallery in Takaoka near the Nihon Kai (Japan Sea). Huge thanks to the staff and especially Ayaka-san for helping me put this together and promoting the new artworks. Takaoka is a fascinating old city and this Kura (former traditional warehouse) space in the gallery is a […]