Off Balance – recent land art installation

Many thanks to Jan for his excellent photograph (third image down from top). This piece was a very temporary work, a collaboration with Alan Wilson and Hamilton College, and developed overnight into a completely new combination of shapes. In the vein of the Mountains and Rivers outdoor installation pieces, the images become the artwork in […]

Curves and lines on crumbling concrete and rusting metal

I began the day with some cycling and walking, and after being silently passed by a long old fashioned canal boat skippered by a man or a collie ( couldn’t quite tell which) I got to a thinking at the spot for a working. Then into combining and using the various materials with the sketchy […]

Sketches for outdoor installation/ sculpture

These were initial line drawing sketches and ideas for continuing this year’s series of ever expanding outdoor works, which seem to have a momentum of their own! I don’t always pre plan works this much, but here I was working through the sketchy vision gradually to try and come up with a visual starting point […]

Outdoor Installation Artwork (Abernethy Part 2)

Whilst at Abernethy in the Cairngorms area I made some land art work with a combination of metal, card and also found materials which I salvaged near the river bed. It was really enjoyable and a challenge working in this forested contained environment (midge infested, still itchy thinking about it!), moving quickly to combine the […]