Transient worlds within worlds, and divergence – with translations of Basho and Ryoukan

within the thin covering snow Three Thousand Worlds again inside this world fragile snow falls Ryoukan vision of decay in mind, the wind permeates the body Basho at the month’s end moonless – a one thousand year old cedar is hugged by the storm Basho Diverging Contained – Spaciousness Tranquil – Distorted Phenomenon – Concept

Autumnal haiku poems

Autumn-Twilight The hills cast shadows, And pampas grass is swaying In sunlit meadows. Buson Autumn Moon Is there anyone Who will not take up his brush With this moon tonight! Onitsura   three noisy mallards zipping through a shattered zone strewn detritus of torn ochre and golden pinks mashed into shards, blown hither and thither

Tracks, trails, omens

Has been a long winter in Scotland and have been out through various trails. Wandering through these half forgotten, foggy forestry roads in the hills. Spider webs and open voids, condensed silence shattered by heavy wingbeats. Have been thinking more about Matsuo Basho, and Ryokan’s roaming too and mountain living. dreams lost in the grasses, …

A thought on Zazen and painting

Zazen Silent movement Passing through the stillness And empty form. This wee haiku is a thought on zazen and experience. After my recent studio shift, zazen and considering the looser paintings I’ve been doing, I think it’s good not to bring too much, or any at all although this can be impossible, of the bias, …

Hill-walking up through frozen moon snow, Ben Vrackie Scotland

moon snow guided by the rolling moon heated by the february sun Glinting and sunbeams – obscured horizons Above animal tracks, boot prints, Mountain hare prints in blue-white snow – Towards the half-moon rolling down Ben Vrackie’sWhite hill edge topped by south pointing iceSnow fingers from monstrous frozen rust structure,Rising from the summit’s ocean floor …