Shakyo – bringing the Sutra to life with each brush stroke and pen mark

Our first online Shakyo 写経 practice event saw us come together from Scotland, and elsewhere such as the rest of the UK and Canada, forming a lovely group of sutra tracing and copying practitioners. This was a joint event I led for the D+P Studio and Glasgow Zen Group. Beginning with an introduction about the […]

Selecting artworks for Gallery 80, Tokyo

I’m getting everything together just now for the show in Omotesando Hills, Gallery 80 ( 12-18th November). There is going to be a series of 24 small paintings and several drawings, rubbings and printmaking, and will be my first show to feature photography with a series of ten works plus larger scale pieces, plus I’m […]

‘Suibokuga’ ink landscape joint pieces

These works are joint-pieces, landscape project wide scroll like artworks by students I have worked with. The first piece was made at my studio in winter and the second was made on the inspiring Abernethy annual art excursion (Hamilton College) to the Cairngorms area, where I am fortunate to enjoy making artwork and doing some […]

Recent work and studies

Recent studies using mixed media on card, paper and sketchbooks have been leading to much more free and abstracted pieces that is the way I’m trying to push forward into more poetic, less pictorially restricted territory… ‘Flowing Through Space’ (top-left) was a bit of a breakthrough. Many of these pieces are moving fluidly through city […]