Whilst at Abernethy in the Cairngorms area I made some land art work with a combination of metal, card and also found materials which I salvaged near the river bed. It was really enjoyable and a challenge working in this forested contained environment (midge infested, still itchy thinking about it!), moving quickly to combine the materials and get the shapes, forms and textures going the way I wanted with the surroundings. My initial idea had changed a bit, and the two metre long low piece started to work fairly well from a distance. It was there for a couple of days until the rain set in, which added a different light and new textures. I was fortunate to have some excellent assistants too – Holly Best and Douglas Wilkie – help me move the work into different points and document, changing as it went. The river setting against the pink worked pretty well I think. As the piece got wetter and the blue twilight deeper, we dismantled, cleaned up our traces and enjoyed the walk back.