Over the last few months I’ve been continuing to build up new ideas about 3D work in my practice, using various techniques, props, lighting and digital photography to explore presentation and atmosphere…

Studio Sculpture MD11
studio sculpture 2

It’s great fun building installations and working from these in sketchbooks, such as my dynamics studies, below left, (some tighter work and looser too, all on the spot from life) using various studio and other fairly lightweight materials. Some of my students made the installation below right, making some interesting negative spaces.


Of course there are a lot of inspiring artists out there exploring various media, some that have influenced me with land art, installation, experimental sculpture – all fluid categories where boundaries are really quite free and blurred – such as Ai Weiwei’s ‘Forever’ installation or Chinese doors piece that spontaneously collapsed mid exhibition, Richard Long’s eloquently photographed sculpture during remote walks, Hamish Fulton’s poetic artist’s books and installations of text, and of course Anselm Kiefer’s various experments.

Anselm Kiefer
Richard Long – Walking the Line
Ai Weiwei: Works Beijing 1993-2003
The Uncarved Block