TRAILING THE NORTH WIND 6th - 29th May 2009 Solo Exhibition at Glasgow Art Club

Trailing on the wind,
The smoke from Mount Fuji
Melts into the sky.
So too my thoughts-
Unknown their resting place.

"The places are waymarks on a poetic northern trail, points along the wandering way of movement and solitude. Trying to grasp the ungraspable infinity of the world, with its energy yet reposeful essence. This attitude was encouraged by Haiku and Zen, such as Basho (17th C) and Zen master Dogen (13th C). Interest in Japanese aesthetics began as a teenager watching Kurosawa's 'Seven Samurai' and his version of Macbeth 'Throne of Blood'.

Working in the studioRound Tortoise Castle - Marugame-joTransforming, Finnieston CraneExhibition openingTransforming,?KLM MD-11 Amsterdam