Developing and connecting drawings, paintings, contours…

The drawings have been coming together more lately. Lines, textures, overlapping transparent hues… I’m continuing to search for links between different elements and techniques – working directly from looking at structures and places, making rubbings, markmaking blind or semi-blind – there are a lot of crossovers in the work just now which gets my brain cogs turning (gradually!), distilling the processes and references.

Here are a few snippits, continuing on from the South Uist Outer Hebrides work over summer. I’m happier that the looser way of working, in terms of drawing more abstractly and also with concepts, is allowing for more natural interlinking of land and city themes. I’ve been busy photographing lots of these pieces and narrowing down the options for what is going to work with the rest of the work for the Omotesando show coming up.


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