Sketchbook notes from the drifting spaces

Portrait of Tokyo Ren Master

Many visitors to the friendly Ren Bar in east Tokyo made calligraphy and artworks to express their wishes for the new year… here is my fast ink portrait of the famous master!

Beyond Kyoto on the Nishiyama mountain trail

Nishiyama 8 (

Nishiyama Drawing 2 (

Nishiyama 6 (

Nishiyama 4 (

off the beaten track, drawing through the dense foliage
impenetrable undergrowth
seeking colour and light blasting –
near the magical ponpon yama hills

Nishiyama 1

Nishiyama Drawing 1 (

Nishiyama 7 (

Nishiyama 2 (

Nishiyama 5 (

Odaiba Installation Part 2: Rainbow Bridge

Tokyo Installation 7 (

Tokyo Installation 8 (

Tokyo Installation 13 (

Tokyo Installation 9 (

Tokyo Installation 10 (

Tokyo Installation 11 (

Tokyo Installation 12 (

Odaiba Installation Part One: Edge of Tokyo Bay

Tokyo Installation 2 (

Tokyo Installation 1 (

Tokyo Installation 3 (

Tokyo Installation 4 (

Tokyo Installation 5 (

Tokyo Installation 6 (

Back and forward through Gifu and Toyama Ken

Between Toyama and Gifu 7 (

Infrastructure out of the urbanscape..

Between Toyama and Gifu ( Toyama and Gifu 2 ( Toyama and Gifu 3 ( Toyama and Gifu 4 ( Toyama and Gifu 5 ( Toyama and Gifu 6 (

From dinosaurs in Shiragawa to a Tanuki greeting customers in a Masunozushi shop on Route 41 in Toyama…

Between Toyama and Gifu 8 (

Between Toyama and Gifu 9 (

Remembering the Tohoku Earthquake

Spectrum (

All about light silver and cereleum spaces –
from the distant spring cumulus
two buzzards appear as dots,
gently soaring
boundlessly circling

Nihon Kai Japan Sea – recent installation images

Nihon Kai 1 ( Kai 2 ( Kai 3 ( Kai 4 ( Kai 5 ( Kai 6 ( Kai 7 ( Kai 8 (

High Bridges – Walking Drawing Tokyo West from Naka Meguro

Walking and Drawing Tokyo 1 (

along suspended riverblocked by oncoming vertical flyovernanamemeeting high polished walls isolating the residential worldfloating gardens flowing into alloy platforms

Walking and Drawing Tokyo 2 (

Walking and Drawing Tokyo 3 (

intertwined shafts, containers hummingneutral perimetersemerging and reshaping the ground and drawing out energy lines

Walking and Drawing Tokyo 4 (

Walking and Drawing Tokyo 5 (

overlapping populous spacessuffusedabove a tandem rotor flying heavilyleaden

Walking and Drawing Tokyo 6 ( and Drawing Tokyo 7 ( and Drawing Tokyo 8 ( and Drawing Tokyo 9 (

quick descent and dark blue chill moving onundulating and avoiding trafficsoon underground in quiet waiting zones, south of shibuyaflashingflashingyellow glazed surfaces, shards from blackness and fluorescent memory

Exhibiting Urban Dynamics at Factory Hanbunko, Takaoka

This month I exhibited at the excellent Factory Hanbunko gallery in Takaoka near the Nihon Kai (Japan Sea). Huge thanks to the staff and especially Ayaka-san for helping me put this together and promoting the new artworks. Takaoka is a fascinating old city and this Kura (former traditional warehouse) space in the gallery is a beautiful all wood interior with a great atmosphere and diffused light.

Hanbunko Exhibition 1 (

Factory Hanbunko 2 (

Factory Hanbunko 3 (

Factory Hanbunko 4 ( Hanbunko 5 (

Factory Hanbunko 6 (

Factory Hanbunko 7 (

Factory Hanbunko 8 (

Factory Hanbunko 9 (

Factory Hanbunko 10 ( Hanbunko 11 (

Factory Hanbunko 12 ( Hanbunko 13 (

Factory Hanbunko 14 ( Hanbunko 15 (

The city will soon be linked up by a new Shinkansen route along this stretch of the Hokuriku coast and is well worth a visit, with many old buildings and temples (such as the Soto Shu Otera with the figures wearing Rakusu) unscathed by history. The coffee shop we visited nearby the gallery, Irodori Kissaten (Marunouchi 5), serving the delicious chocolate cake, is in a superb refurbishment of an old house.

Factory Hanbunko website →

Touchdown Tokyo 2013

Tokyo Landing 1 (

I beamed down into Tokyo towards the end of last month, looking forward to unknown adventures…

Tokyo Landing 2 (

Tokyo Landing 6 (

Halloween was close by and the megacity was dark early but brimming with energy as ever.

Tokyo Landing 4 (

In the crazy hustle and bustle, there was plenty of sideswerving various characters such as the one above, as well as good friends to meet, with work and exhibition prep to be done, plus train tickets to book (below bumping into the Odakyu Romance Car at Tokyo Station) for the trip north through the tunnels of the mountainous alps…

Tokyo Landing 5 (