Sketchbook notes from the drifting spaces

Ben Ledi – pulsating mountain

Ben Ledi 1 (

Ben Ledi 2 (

Ben Ledi 3 (

Ben Ledi 4 (

Ben Ledi 5 (

Ben Ledi 6 (

Ben Ledi 7 (

temporal voids
of cerulean blue –
ice holes, pulsating –
falling apart rapidly

studio – fragmented install

  • 28 January 2015
  • Art

Studio Install

Smeared Across Time – Kusen Collaboration with John Fraser

Barra 24 -1

John’s Kusen

Poetry Dogen’s ‘Everyday Life’ [adapted]

On Unseen Mountain
A scarecrow is
Not in vain


The scarecrow standing over a small rice paddy would often be dressed in black, like a monk. He protects that which feeds all beings. So, Dogen is talking about the practitioner and the dharma, and the relationship between them.

Because the scarecrow is fully expressing himself, the rice, the birds, the mountain and all things can fully express themselves. Likewise the bird. Likewise the mountain.

Because the mountain is unseen, the eyes of duality are closed. Because this is so, all being leaps out of a picture and is whole, not fractured.

The scarecrow does not eat yet all things are fed

Since, unlike a Hungry Ghost, the scarecrow is not

smeared across time

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unravelling – snap shots, walking and cycling, through scottish cityscapes

exterior of multi floor removed

beam through bars, structure behind

wrapped in red weathered cloth

red towers, rising

red tower in distance, modernist tower neglected

electric lights glint, clouds gather above shopping complex

gateway closed, steps amidst modern ruins

Tonedown characters part 2

Fude brushes and acrylic and ink jars with prep

sky space lines drawn into wash

expanding ink wash space

linear structure reconfigured by yellow orange space


investigating elements T – S – I – D

actions in times present, past and futures – neither the same nor different (zenki)

Artworks and response by John Fraser

Unevenness 2 (

Unevenness 3 (

Response to images by John Fraser:

The eyes are unseen;
All the worlds are visible

(Gatha of Xuedou, Blue Cliff Records) Unevenness, non fixing…

Compiled by Zen Master Yuanwu Keqin (Engo Kokugon, 1063-1135)

One, seven, three, five.
The truth you search for cannot be grasped.
As night advances, a bright moon illuminates the whole ocean;
The dragon’s jewels are found in every wave,
Looking for the moon, it is here, in this wave, in the next.

Unevenness 1 ( photograph with sea, reflection of it in some strange surface, blue green and yellow

Tonedown characters

Tonedown characters 1 ( still shot of light fragmented through organic shapes

Tonedown characters 2 ( white marks on a dark work surface, movement

Tonedown characters 3 ( skyline with large clouds close up and rain dots

Tonedown characters 4 ( close up of artist surface, paint dried and piled


Tonedown 1 (

Tonedown 2 (

Tonedown 3 (

Tonedown 4 (

Cobalt Install (Orkney, Scotland) Part 2 – Square

rock texture and moss with angular shapes of blue man made shapes and shadows

sea rock at top of square with blue shapes underneath and looking through to blackness