A very talented and enthusiastic student of mine blogged her visit to my studio with the photo and creative writing below, which I really like, and kindly allowed me to re-post here. It is great to be able to see the studio through fresh eyes…

“Monday 23 January 2012: What’s through the door this week?
Just back from my first art class of 2012.

I adore my art class despite, or maybe because, I experience the whole gamut of emotions in two short hours.

1st – excited – what will we do this week?
2nd – joyous – my first marks on the paper are really promising. I like them!
3rd – fear – what will happen if I draw that line there. Shall I do it? Shall I not?
4th – anger – knew I shouldn’t have done it!
5th – hope – hey, if I keep at it it might just turn out okay
6th – gratitude – the art tutor just said he likes that bit I did in the far left corner of the paper
7th – suspicion – does that mean he doesn’t like the rest of it?
8th – determination – I won’t give up god damn it!
9th – satisfaction – it did turn out okay after all
10th – contentment – I get to drive home listening to Dolly Parton at full volume singing at the top of my voice
11th – excitement – what will we do next week?”