Tokyo Art Exhibitions – MOT and David Lynch at LAFORET

During my show in Omotesando I was delighted to see David Lynch had an exhibtion on at the Laforet Department Store’s Gallery, just down the road at the Harajuku crossing. I popped in a few days later. The building’s quirky angled and funky interior design and disco colours were really 80’s and the general mood […]

Depth of Reflection – notes on David Lynch and Dogen

I made this small visual note after running along the Firth and Forth Canal, the reflections can be so deep, somehow reality is deepened. The space is literally deeper, becoming set further away, almost elusively in another time… …colour and shape so dense, tinged with toned down silvers, greens – the poignant reality untouchable yet […]

Twin Peaks Fire Walk With Me – Contemplating the inward and outward journeys of the self

In Buddhism we awake to the dream and realise we are still within the dream – helping us be much more aware and open. In transcendental meditation effortless concentration is practiced, moving deeper into new levels of consciousness. The world of Twin Peaks, from the pilot to the Missing Pieces of Fire Walk With Me, […]

Isolation challenging reality: from Eraserhead to Solar Lottery

A body blasting into interplanetary transport and switching between remote minds, a man’s identity lost and transformed into that of the previous Parisian apartment tenant, a crying baby more sheep than human. These are some of the unsettling and inventive scenes from the novel ‘Solar Lottery’ (Philip Kindred Dick, 1955) and the films ‘The Tenant’ […]

Wandering along the edge of the North West

I’ve been out with my camera walking and looking at new sites not too far from Glasgow and trying to get some good atmospheric shots with my SLR. The phone camera shots here are a good memory trigger for later to get ideas going for sketchbook work and generally remembering the sights and sounds, the […]